1. Oh dear, you caught me here Sandra. I started my website a year ago (not fully published yet, but working on it), and moved it to WordPress when I discovered WP in spring sometime, this year (and now I am so lucky to have your book..!). Well, I have a guy who has done it all for me, domain and hosting is with his company. He charges $10 per month for the hosting. But he has also been very helpful and can do things I find difficult for a low fee based on an hourly rate. Iiik, what should I do? He even did ask me when I moved it to WP if I still wanted him to host it, and I said yes, not noing this information.

    • Hi Nina,

      The first thing you can do is ask him for the login information for your hosting account. He should be able to give you your own access to your site, if not, then it is connected to his personal account and its time you ask him to move it to your own separate hosting account. Your relationship is in a good place and it’s the perfect time to make this request.


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