What is a WordPress Blogsite?

Need a blog or a new website? How about a blogsite? A blogsite is a blog with all the features of a website. This means you can add new posts, articles, tips just as you would with a blog and you can have static pages and a menu bar like other websites. (This website is a blogsite.)

Traditional websites can be troublesome for those of us who like to update our content often. If you are constantly adding new teleclasses, speaking dates and other offers you know how much this can cost you to make changes to your site. Traditional websites are not pleasant to update and so we end up leaving them as they are. Did you know that search engines like Google and Yahoo like websites that are updated with fresh content often? This is how they know that your site is active and not growing cobwebs on it! Blogs are updated quite often (because it’s easy to do so) and this is why search engines love blogs or blogsites.

The greatest blogsite software out there (in my humble opinion) is WordPress. There are many advantages to WordPress blogsites over traditional websites. Blogsites are:

  • easy to update or add content
  • search engines like Google and Yahoo love them
  • you can update them from any computer (mac or pc) with internet access
  • you can add posts or articles to them quite easily
  • you can delete any post or page whenever you like (you know in case you make a mistake or change your mind)
  • you can password protect pages or posts
  • you can add accessories (known as ‘plugins’) to spice up your blog such as polls, ‘email to a friend’, statistics, site maps, and many more
  • WordPress is free to use
  • WordPress offers 1000’s of free blogsite designs (known as ‘themes’) and many more unique themes for a small fee

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What the (bleep) is a blogsite and why do I need one?

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  1. Can’t make your call, sorry. However, my next blog will definitely be a WordPress blogsite for a more Professional contribution to social media, containing nature related content for a wider audience.
    Thanks Sandra =) TPH – Andrew

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