WordPress 3.3 is out!

WordPress just released version 3.3 this week! You may be wondering what key pieces they added to WordPress and if you should upgrade now.

The key new pieces added to WordPress 3.3:

1. Fly Out Menus

This is my favourite of all of the updates in WordPress 3.3. I tend to work in a number of different menus within WordPress and after a while I have opened so many menus that I have to scroll and scroll to get to the bottom of the WordPress menu and access “Settings” and “WL Plugins“.

Instead of opening and closing sections in the WordPress menu bar, you can just put your mouse over the menu and the sub menu will appear. It’s quicker, easier and cleaner.

2. New Toolbar

A new toolbar will appear at the top of WordPress. You have some plugins or themes to update when you see the two arrows in a circular motion with a number beside it (you’ll see number 2 in the graphic below and the two arrows in a circular motion beside it). The number represents how many updates are required.

If you have any comments to approve then you’ll see a number beside the “comment” image. Simply click on it to manage your comments.

The “+ New” button gives you short cuts to create new posts, upload new media, create a new link, create a new page or create a new user.

3. Drag and Drop to Upload New Media

To upload new media (images, pdfs, mp3s or videos) simply drag and drop the new media from your computer (windows users use “Explorer” and Mac users use “Finder”) to the window in the “Upload New Media” page. It will automatically load the new media for you. You can still click the “select files” button, search for the file on your computer and upload it the “old fashion” way! 🙂

Should you upgrade now?

I’d love to say yes. But I always say to wait a week to see if there are any other fixes that follow this upgrade. I also suggest you have your web person review your theme and all of your plugins to ensure they are compatible with the new version of WordPress. Considering this upgrade is mostly cosmetic fixes you should be okay, but just in case check with your web person. If you would like my team to review it for you fill in this form and we will connect with you asap.

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  1. Good review. I’m with you. I always wait at least a couple of weeks to make sure they’ve worked out any major bugs and that my theme and plugins get caught up if necessary.

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