WordPress vs. Dreamweaver/html sites

Dear Sandra,

We need to upgrade our website and make it simpler, but more dynamic. One adviser suggested WordPress, and another favoured DreamWeaver.  What do you think? We will want to be able to update certain portions of the website on a regular basis. Does this make a difference?

Joyce Curry and Bob Weir, Managing Director, Research Services
Research Corporation

Dear Joyce and Bob,

This is an easy question. The answer is WordPress hands down! Dreamweaver can become a pain in the neck to make changes if you don’t know html coding and even if you do, it’s a pain. I learned how to code html sites by hand back in the mid 90s and I find it painful!

With a WordPress site you can log into your account and make changes to pages, posts, your sidebar and your footer with ease. If you can write an email you can create a post or page in WordPress (the toolbar in the editor looks similar to the one in Word and Outlook). If you are going to be making changes often (and which creative entrepreneur doesn’t?) then WordPress is the way to go.

I also prefer WordPress because there are over 12,000 plugins that add extra functionality to your site like adding a Google sitemap, creating a membership site (using WishList Member), displaying your most popular blog posts, and adding buttons so that people can share your posts on Facebook, Twitter etc.  WordPress also speaks “Googlese” so Google can find your site, and add your content (and updated content) to its database so that when people search Google, Google can display your site as part of its “search results”.Does This Blogsite - Cover

There are many more reasons why I LOVE WordPress and why I think every business owner should use it, but those are just a few of them. I explain more reasons to use WordPress in my book “Does This Blogsite Make My Wallet Look Fat?

Have a great day!

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  1. Sandra. Great blog on WordPress vs Dreamweaver. One additional plus for WordPress. If, as a business owner, you do not have the time or inclination to update content yourself, there are great Virtual Assistants out there who love to work with WordPress and they have become experts with the widgets and plug-ins. The WordPress solution is time, effort, and cost-effective.

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