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Your Web Presence Doesn’t Have To Suck Anymore

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2nd Edition! Updated to WordPress version 3.1

Wouldn’t it be great to update your site on YOUR time without relying on your web person?

Wouldn’t it be freeing to know how to add promotions to your website without obtaining a computer science degree?

Is your website not “you” anymore? Is it time to renovate?

Do you want to interact with your visitors and build a community?

Do you need to get ahead of your competition and fast?

Are you trying to get Google’s attention with no luck?

Wouldn’t you love to promote your blogsite with confidence again?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could promote your social media profiles on your own site and update each with your blogsite?

Isn’t it time you invested in a blogsite?

How about a website that attracts visitors to come back for more over and over again?

How about just a website that WORKS?!?!!?!?

Introducing . . .

Does This Blogsite Make My Wallet Look Fat?

How to use a WordPress Blogsite to make money, attract clients and gain expert celebrity status

By Sandra De Freitas

Only $24.95!

If you need a website that makes you money, attracts clients and generates web traffic – and these days, who doesn’t – this book is a must-read. Sandra will be your WordPress jargon-free Superhero as she walks you through all the steps of setting up your own WordPress blogsite, customizing it and getting Google to notice it!” 

– Andrea J. Lee, Author, Entrepreneur, Coach, www.AndreaJLee.com

I know what you are going through. I used to have a static website that was built with html. I knew how to update it myself and would make changes every now and then. Soon enough I gave up! It was too much work. First you have to find the right file on your computer, make the change, preview your changes, save it, upload it to your website and check that your changes took affect and it’s the way you want it to look. blah! I soon got bored of this and annoyed…don’t you?

When you stop updating your site you tend to promote it less because it doesn’t feel like “you” anymore. You are embarrassed of your site and you don’t want anyone to know that it’s yours! So what happens is the website that is supposed to work for your business is growing virtual cob webs and e-dust. It’s lost in cyberspace left to roll over and die. It’s not working for you anymore is it?

A website just doesn’t cut it anymore. Google and all the other search engines give preference to sites that are:

  • updated often
  • follow their formatting and structure rules
  • have relevant content
  • visited by others often

With a blog (web + log) you can take care of the above requirements. Search engines, like Google, give priorities to blogs over traditional websites. Why? Because each time you blog that is considered an update to your site. And when Google sees that your site doesn’t have virtual cob webs and e-dust on it, then it becomes very interested in your content.

Here’s an example for you: When an update is made to a traditional website it takes Google and the others upto 6-8 weeks to recognize and find that content and put it in it’s directory of sites (this is what you access when you perform a search on the web). When a blog post or any other change is made on a blog Google will find and place it into it’s directory within an hour! So would a traditional website or a blog work best to promote your workshop that takes place in 2-3 weeks?

So blogs are pretty cool but let’s take it a step further to be super amazing cool shall we? Great!

A blog is amazing but what if you could have the features of a blog (posts, update on your own when you want and easily?) and the features of a website (static pages such as ‘our services’, ‘our products’, ‘contact us’)? Well you can with a blogsite!

“I want to pause and say thank you for writing your book. I don’t think I could have created my blog (which I love by the way) without your book. You walked me through the entire process and translated a somewhat complicated platform into a language I could understand. It would have taken me hours upon hours to figure out everything in your book and I would have even less hair than I already do because I would have pulled it out by now. Anyway, I wanted to say a sincere thank you.”

Adam Rico

With a blogsite you can . . .

  • create static pages such as “our services”, “our products”, “contact us” etc.
  • maintain your own website
  • blog by posting articles, tips, promotions, etc
  • interact with web visitors and start building a relationship with them
  • promote your newsletter, services, affiliate programs
  • get Google to fall in love with you and your site as it’s built for search engine optimization
  • take advantage of social media integration
  • add media to your site easily
  • easily make your site look good on smart phones
  • create and promote revenue streams

Only $24.95

“When I finally decided to make the move from a HMTL site to a WordPress blogsite, I knew just who to turn to for help. Sandra’s book “Does This Blogsite Make My Wallet Look Fat?” not only made this process easy to do by following her step-by-step instructions, but also easy to understand the how and why behind making the move so I can now share that with my team as well as my own clients. 

Sandra has a unique gift of taking the complexity out of creating a blogsite so that anyone can set up a successful site online, quickly and easily. But what I love most about Sandra and her book is that she infuses it with her wit and humor, which turns a rather dry topic into something quite entertaining. If you’re ready to make the move to a blogsite or if you want to know how to optimize your current site, then get your hands on Sandra’s book today!”

– Alicia M Forest, MBA www.AliciaForest.com



Now there are a few blog services out there to choose from. I’ve tried a number of them out but only one makes my eyes have eyegasms, makes my heart pound and makes me drool as a business owner! This blogging service is not only free (yes I said free), but it is created by a community of experts who believe that everyone should have access to free blogging services. Now doesn’t that feel good to know that someone wants you to succeed on the web and they aren’t going to charge you a million dollars for it?

I’m Sandra De Freitas, a technology coach, internet addict and WordPress obsessor. I was introduced to WordPress years ago but didn’t want to bother learning it because I already had a blog. But I wish someone would have told me how fabulous and flexible it was back then because I missed out for years. Once I gave WordPress a chance I soon became obsessed with learning as much as I could about it. This included researching the 13,000+ free WordPress plugins (think of them as enhancements or accessories for your blog) that are available. I currently have 130 plugins saved on my list as I use them often on my own WordPress sites or on my clients sites.




One tip allowed me to doubly my traffic!

“There are so many useful tips in this book, both for starting your own WordPress blog and for making an existing blog work harder for you. Implementing just one tip allowed me to double traffic to my blog in just three months!

– Terri Zwierzynski, The Solo-CEO www.e-solo.com

Why would anyone want a traditional (static) website anymore?!

For a non-techie like myself, this book made perfect sense, and I now know I can create my own website with WordPress. I’ve had a traditional website, and am now in the process of not only changing my business, but changing the website. My new interactive website will fit perfectly with my new business direction!

Thanks, Sandra, for writing such an enjoyable book for us non-techies.

– Cindy Hillsey, Virtual Partnering www.virtualpartnering.com

When I speak about WordPress at an event my eyes light up as I get to speak about my passion. There is so much I can offer to the participants in terms of content but most speaking events do not last for weeks! 🙂 The participants of these speaking events enjoy these sessions as I always have them laughing, I do not use technical jargon and because they now see the benefits that WordPress offers to business owners.

Only $24.95


Does This Blogsite - Cover
2nd Edition! Updated to WordPress version 3.1

Back Cover
coming soon
Table of Contents
This book is well up to Sandra’s already high level of professionalism, it’s detailed and useful with a dash of her signature light humor throughout to keep you going.

I knew a bit about WordPress before I read the book, Sandra created my first one and we co-created my second one but with this gorgeous little book, I now feel ready to go it alone. I also have a shopping list of EIGHT new things I can do to optimize and monetize my WordPress blogs and I am resolved to move yet another one over there immediately! Get in touch with your inner geek and you won’t look back…go on, surprise yourself.

Sandra makes WordPress do-able; keep her handy book by your side and you’ll have your own blogsite up and running before bedtime.

– Judith Morgan, Wealth Coach for Entrepreneurs, www.JudithMorgan.com

Inside you will learn:

  • Why you should use WordPress over other blog and website options
  • How to set up your own WordPress site without a degree in Computer Science
  • How and Why to blog
  • How to get Google to notice and fall in love with your blogsite
  • How to take advantage of Web 2.0 to interact with your blogsite visitors
  • How to add media to your blogsite easily
  • How to create a community blogsite with multiple authors

All of this for only $24.95!

Only $24.95

This book is a treasure! But only buy it if you are ready to attract more clients.

Sandra, my favorite tech coach, has created this step-by-step manual to help you understand blogging and learn how to blog to become a household word with your target market. Marketing on the internet is no longer an option and Sandra shows you how to do it and get results! Buy and read this book!”

– Casey Truffo, MFT The Therapist’s Business Coach, www.BeAWealthyTherapist.com

Buy now:

For discounted shipping to Canada, please order here.


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For discounted shipping to all other countries, please order here.

Does This Blogsite - cover

“I’ve gone from knowing nothing about blogs to writing my own blog with pictures, video & audio in just a matter of weeks.

I keep thinking I must have missed something as it all seems far too easy – but that’s probably because Sandra is so good at making technology sound simple to technophobes like me.

If you want a step by step, idiot proof, non techy guide to gain visibility quickly with a blog, then go buy this book

– Sital Ruparelia, www.SitalRuparelia.com

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