Does This Blogsite Make My Wallet Look Fat? 3rd Edition

Does This Blogsite Make My Wallet Look Fat?

How entrepreneurs, business owners, and every day bloggers can use WordPress blogsites to make money, attract clients and gain expert celebrity status.


This is your

updated, uncomplicated & unparalleled

edition of the already wildly popular

Does This Blogsite Make My Wallet Look Fat?


Every entrepreneur – whether a dabbler, a newcomer, or a well-seasoned business owner – knows that if you don’t have a website, you’ll fall by the wayside.

You MUST have a website. And preferably a great one.

It used to be hard, expensive and out-and-out frustrating.

In most cases it was a bottomless pit of cost overrides, confusing instructions and unspeakable amounts of stress – and it still left you totally dependent on someone else every time you wanted to make even a teeny, tiny, itty-bitty change.

Sheesh. No wonder people put off getting a website!

Thank goodness it’s not like that anymore!

You CAN have a professional web presence without paying exorbitant fees or banging your head against the wall! You just need someone to show you how.

So, there’s this fairly new thing called WordPress.

It’s spelled weird – and they are very picky about that – but it is the easiest, most intuitive, and most accident-proof tool available for building great websites quickly.

In fact, I think it’s the best thing since sliced bread. (And I don’t even eat wheat anymore.)

Why should you want to use WordPress? (And believe me, you DO want to!)

The #1 reason is that it has completely leveled the playing field – so now you can play the same game on the same field with the same advantages as the “big boys”…or even create a whole new game the “big boys” don’t even know about.

People who either don’t have a website or don’t have one they are proud of are usually saying to themselves:

  • It’s too hard to create a great website.
  • It’s too expensive to create, much less maintain.
  • It’s too technical – I’ll never be able to figure it out.
  • I know that once I get into it I’ll be completely overwhelmed.
  • I’ll end up not getting it done anyway, which means I’ve wasted money, my business will suffer, and I’ll be even farther behind.

Does any of this sound familiar???

Does This Blogsite Make My Wallet Look Fat? alleviates all these worries! (And even some you didn’t know you had.)

The latest edition:

  • Makes it easy to have a website you are proud of!
  • Translates any technical gobbledy-gook into everyday language anyone who’s old enough to read can figure out. (It’s written by one of the best translators of Geek-Speak on the planet.)
  • Builds your confidence about your web presence and how others perceive you online.
  • Walks you through setting up your site, step-by-step – explaining what to do and why you do it. This means you aren’t just blindly following along. You really “get it”, which means you’re absolutely on top of your business and at the top of your game.
  • Shows you how to get better results from your website with higher search engine rankings and more targeted traffic.
  • Is SO helpful, it’s as if you can’t not get it done. Seriously. (In fact, the only possible reason you might not get it all done is because you’re just too darn busy. If that’s the case, call us and we’ll see what we can do to help.)
  • And in the end…it will help you sleep better at night.


So what’s the book about?

  • It’s about how using WordPress to create your website is the answer to all your prayers.
  • It’s about HOW to set up and USE your website, so it doesn’t just sit there…it works for your business.
  • It’s about how using WordPress puts you in control of your business with your hand firmly on the wheel and your foot on the gas. Only YOU get to decide how fast or how far you go. No other website tool can give you this amount of control or this amount of freedom!
  • And it’s about how easy and straightforward this can be for anyone.

In the latest edition, you’ll also get:

  • Updated details about the latest version of WordPress and why it’s even easier to work with than ever before!
  • Reviews and recommendations of powerful new plugins that make your website hum and your customers come back for more.
  • Expanded information and a “walk you by the hand” introduction to WishList Member – the only membership tool you should even be looking at.
  • And the latest best practices and updated info on social media resources – one of the fastest changing marketing arenas on the planet.

If you’re like most small business owners, you are tight on time, and maybe a little tight on funds.

You either don’t want to pay for expensive web designers, or you’ve had bad experiences with them in the past and you absolutely don’t want to go through that again.

You know you need a strong, attractive, and customer-sticky website (so they’ll stick around).

But not knowing how to do this is the biggest stumbling block.

That’s where I, Sandra De Freitas, technology coach, internet addict and total WordPress fanatic, step in.



In the 3rd edition of Does This Blogsite Make My Wallet Look Fat?, I show you exactly what you need to know, and let you in on the latest well-kept secrets about what you can simply ignore, so you maximize your time, minimize your expenses and magnify your results.

Here’s what I’ve noticed after working with thousands of business owners…

If you don’t feel good about your site, you tend to stop updating it. In fact, you might not even be visiting it every day. (Gasp!)

And if that’s the case, I’m 100% sure you aren’t doing much to promote it.

That makes sense. When your site doesn’t feel like “You”, why would you want to send people to it? It would feel inauthentic. And that’s not who you are.

I could charge you a ton to set up your WordPress blogsites – and some web designers will!

But that isn’t right.

I’ve been where you are, and I know how valuable it was when people told me the truth, gave me the tools I needed, and then supported me as I forged ahead.

That’s what Does This Blogsite Make My Wallet Look Fat? is all about.



I give you the tools you need so you can make the best decisions for your unique situation, and then get on with creating a website you can be proud of.

And here’s what’s great – WordPress is so intuitive that if you can create a Word document with some bolding and the occasional italic word or phrase, you can use WordPress like a pro.

All you need is a little guidance to get you going – from someone who can relate to your frustration and knows what they’re talking about.

The reason people email me every day to thank me for writing Does This Blogsite Make My Wallet Look Fat? is because it’s like I’m taking you on a behind-the-scenes tour of how to create a blogsites, showing you the things most web designers don’t want you to know, plus…

I also share my no-fail formula with real-world examples. 
(Ideas and theories are great, but if you can’t put them in to action, how practical are they really?)

You can’t find this kind of detailed step-by-step, A-to-Z guidance – translated from Geek to English – anywhere else. (And you’re no dummy.)

In Does This Blogsite Make My Wallet Look Fat? you get:

A printed, hold-in-your-hands resource so that you can return to it again and again, absorbing the information and instructions at your pace.

A step-by-step tour through WordPress (updated to the latest version) and everything you need to know – and nothing you don’t – so it makes sense and eliminates overwhelm. That means your confidence goes up and you take more action!

Insider tips and tricks that save you time, money, and get you better, immediate results.

Straight-talking information about the plugins you must have – to make your site faster, better, and get higher search engine ranking resulting in more (and more targeted) traffic.

Insider wisdom direct from me – delivered in my humorous, plain speaking, empathic style. Because, believe me, I’ve been there.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll learn:


So, if you’re ready to start making more money with a site you’re proud of, have more fun and ease in your business, and quit wasting your hard earned money and time, then it’s time to have a blogsites that makes your wallet look fat!

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Still not sure? Have a few more questions?
Here’s what some people want to know:

Will I be able to understand what you’re talking about?

— YES! I’m known as the technology coach who speaks Geek AND English. Think of this book as your own Geek-to-English dictionary for creating WordPress blogsites.

Will I really be able to do this?

— YES! I’m going to walk you through everything you need to know, step by step, with clear, concise, real-world examples.

Will I receive an actual book?

— YES! I know how valuable it can be to have a printed “manual” – one where you can literally flip through the pages, make notes, and highlight or underline critical information you want to come back to.

Are you available to answer questions or give me help if I need it?

— YES! Of course, I don’t think you’ll really need much help once you get going with the book, but I’m always available for consultation or coaching – and my cracker-jack team of professionals can help out with special customizations or any kind of help you need.



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