Do your clients feel special, well taken care of and treated like a true VIP?

A number of my clients and coaching colleagues offer special VIP programs and VIP coaching packages. These offers are only available to a few ideal clients. They offer a high level of support and come with a high investment cost.

Are you offering a VIP service, or thinking about it? If so, I invite you to keep reading and see how you can easily add value to your VIP programs, at a small cost to you and make your VIP service stand out from all the others. Sound good?

I suggest you create a dedicated online area for each of your VIP clients. This can be as easy as setting up a WordPress “page” for each one of your VIP clients. On this page add one or more of the following:

  • A “How to get the most out of your VIP Program” report
  • Recordings of all of your coaching calls
  • Valuable resources like templates, checklists and special reports
  • Links to any resources you shared on your calls
  • Transcripts of your calls
  • Links to discounted products and services
  • A link reschedule calls with you (or instructions on how to reschedule your calls)
  • Information on how to contact your assistant
  • Your “Terms of Service” and policies
How do you give your clients access to these pages and how do you protect them from being viewed by Google and the public? Easy. You use the WishList Member WordPress Plugin to:
  1. Create and protect the dedicated client pages. (Select “Yes, protect this content (members only)” at the bottom of the page).
  2. Create a new membership level for each of your clients. (“Membership Levels”)
  3. The “After Login” page for each level should be set up to point to the dedicated client page.
    (1) WordPress Page title = “Mary B – VIP Page”
    (2) Membership Level = “VIP – Mary B”
    (3) After Login = “Mary B – VIP Page” page
  4. Create a login for each member (Members -> add new member) and select the corresponding “Membership Level”
  5. Be sure to update the pages with new VIP content (like your coaching call recordings).
If I was your client and you offered me this I would feel special, well taken care of and a true VIP.


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