How to Easily Track WordPress Visits Through Google Analytics

Track your blogsite visits, keywords, visitor locations and more through Google Analytics and this WordPress plugin. Here’s how

1) Create an account on Google Analytics and get your Google “UA” number (you will see this at the end of your account set up)

2) Log into your WordPress account.

3) Go to Plugins -> Add New

4) Search for the plugin Ultimate Google Analytics plugin by inputing “ultimate google analytics” in the search field.

5) Click “Search Plugins”

6) Install the plugin by clicking “Install Now”.

7) Activate the plugin by clicking “Activate Plugin”

8) Then go to options/settings -> “ultimate ga”

9) Input your Google “UA” number.

10) Leave the other settings and click “Update Options”

11) Wait some time before Google catches your code and begins to log your stats.

12) Log back in to your Google account to see all of your stats!

Be sure to use your statistics to find out more about your visitors and cater to what they want. If they keep searching for the same terms when they find you, keep blogging about those terms!

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  1. I’m new to all this lingo and blogging stuff…so this post was very easy to use and helpful. Thank you.

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