Plugins That Help With 5 Essential Areas of Any Blogsite

I’m often asked what my favourite WordPress Plugins are and so I’m offering a you a sneak peek at my top 5 essential plugins. I mention about 20 plugins in my book “Does This Blogsite Make My Wallet Look Fat?” and I will mention more specific and advanced plugins in my upcoming program Phat Blogsite Profits – 8 Core Foundational Steps.

1. Block Comment Spam

I use Cookies for Comments to block as much spam as possible. It’s hard to completely avoid comment spam these days as there are people employed for $2 a day to spam blogs!

2. Statistics

You got to know how people found your site, where in the world they are visiting from, what they “Googled” to find you and how long visitors stay on your site. I suggest two programs here Google Analytics and

Sitemeter has both free and paid for versions. The free version is great and offers very valuable stats, however the paid version allows you to track each visitors every move on your site. This allows you to see where each visitor went and how long they spent on each page. Ok, so you there isn’t a WordPress Plugin for this statistics system but I really like them so I couldn’t keep it from you!

The Google Analytics plugins I use are Ultimate GA and Google Analytics Dashboard

Ultimate GA
will place your Google Analytics code on every post and page of your blogsite for you. No need to copy and paste the code Google Analytics gives you onto each and every page.

Google Analytics Dashboard displays your latest stats on your WordPress Dashboard, so you can take a quick look at your stats when you first login.

3. BackUp WordPress

I have used a number of WordPress plugins to back up my WordPress sites and my client’s sites. BackupBuddy is the only one that will back up both your database (posts, pages etc) and your WordPress files (uploads, themes and plugins). I love it!

4. Search Engine Optimization

The All in One SEO Pack will help you add more key words to posts and change the way Google sees your site.
Google XML Sitemaps will nudge Google, Yahoo and Bing, to tell them you have new content so they know to add you to their search results!

5. Smart Phone and Tablet Friendly Blogsites

Make your blogsite easy for Smart Phone and Tablet users to read and navigate through your site. Psst…this keeps them on your site longer and keeps it eye-friendly so they come back for more. My favourite plugin that comes with a few different themes for each Smart Phone and Tablet is PluginBuddy Mobile

There you go

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