Why Your Blogsite Needs the WordPress Editorial Calendar Plugin

If you have a blogsite and you just aren’t blogging as much as you “should” be you want to install this plugin so that it visually shows you that your blog has no content to publish, it’s the kick in the pants you may need to get you moving.

Having an editorial calendar will help you not only organize your posts but generate ideas for other posts. For instance, when you view your editorial calendar using this plugin you will see your posts in a calendar (duh!) as opposed to the linear boring way you see your posts in the “All Posts” area. You might soon see that you want to create a theme for your posts that are published on Monday’s. For instance a coach might want to create the theme “Un-manic your Monday’s: Weekly Tips”. It’s will be easier to think of content now that we know it has to be focused on a tip to “un-manic Monday’s”.

Using this plugin you will also get to see where you have “gaps” in your editorial calendar and so you can see you where you need to add a post.

The plugin also let’s you drag and drop your posts from one day to another and you can also create a post right in the calendar.

My favourite thing to do with this plugin is to brainstorm ideas for posts right in the “Editorial Calendar” and just save them as draft. All I need to do after my brainstorming session is finish up the post and schedule it. I don’t have to make sure it’s going out on the “right date” and I don’t need to see if I have other posts being published that day either.

If you run a blog with curated content you can use this plugin to see what days are “empty” and require content in a quick “bird’s eye view”.

I love this plugin and I know you will too.

I created a video showing you how to install it and how I use it to organize posts on my clients’ sites.

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  1. Thanks Sandra! Had heard of this plugin and wasn’t quite sure how to put it to work (especially since I’ve recently started blogging on a schedule…gasp…grin)

  2. Thanks for a great tool & training. This is the way my brain works, it’s so much more useful. Love the fact too that it doesn’t eliminate the list option. One question: Does the “Scheduling” feature in this calendar actually publish the post? Presently I have to log-in and hit the publish button even after I have schedule it?

    • Yes, the “scheduling” feature will publish the post on the day and time you set. Just make sure your time zone is set correctly in “settings” -> “general”.

      Enjoy Jennifer! 🙂

  3. I’ve been thinking about installing the Editorial Calendar plugin for months now, but I just couldn’t make myself do it. However, after watching your VIDEO, I can really see the value in using Editorial Calendar. Thank you so much for taking the time to make this video!

  4. Great post Sandra! I’ve use the Editorial Calendar plugin myself, but have since moved on to CoSchedule, an editorial calendar that also incorporates social media. You can check it out here https://coschedule.com/ Disclaimer: I work for the company. Thanks for the post!

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