For a Premium Look, Choose A Premium WordPress Theme

Ever taken a virtual stroll through websites and wondered how sites that claim to be WordPress sites are so much more creative than what you might have seen when you browsed through free themes? That is not an accident. With WordPress sites replacing many older sites that needed designers and coders to set up, there is a growing demand for more advanced looks and features. Premium WordPress themes fill the demand.

Even though WordPress is user-friendly enough to set up yourself, many WordPress site owners do look toward professionals for extra help in setting up the fancy features and functions. Even if you go this route, using a company like WordPress Blogsites or other experts in the field, your costs are but a fraction of what you would’ve spent with an HTML site. This doesn’t mean that you always need a designer but may benefit from one in optimizing appearance and function. You or your staff can still make basic changes in the backend of the site without adjusting the theme want to set in place.

If you have a free theme, you might notice the fine print on the bottom of your home page that suggests you might be subject to advertising. The only way to control unwanted ads and get a more advanced appearance, is to buy a premium theme.

If You Want More, Look For A Premium Theme

Premium themes offer more than free WordPress themes. They allow you to do so much more with layout and design, and the code tends to be at a higher quality. For example, premium themes allow you to feature blog posts with a title and a “teaser” excerpt, similar to how a print magazine teases you with the titles of the top stories you’ll find inside.

Premium themes also have designated built-in areas just for ads. Just like a magazine, you can choose to sell this space to advertisers. Or, you may use it to promote your own products and services, or the affiliate products that you recommend in exchange for a commission.

Blog post categories can be displayed in the same menu as your pages, or in a separate menu bar.

Two other important benefits of using a premium theme are:

  1. that you usually receive technical support from the theme developer, and
  2. you are not forced to display the developer’s link in the footer of your blogsite. As well, premium themes are structured properly for SEO and contain a number of other desirable features.

Find premium WordPress themes by entering “wordpress premium themes” into a search engine. Below are some links to my favorite WordPress themes:

When you purchase your premium WordPress theme you will receive the theme in a .zip file. Keep this file handy as you will need it to install the theme using the instructions below.

Installing your Premium Theme

The “premium” label doesn’t mean that WordPress is harder to install.

  1. Log into WordPress. (Remember:
  2. Click “Appearance” on the left menu bar.
  3. Click “Themes” in the sub-menu.
  4. Click the “Install Themes” tab.
  5. In the mini menu bar click “Upload.”
  6. Click “Browse” to find where you saved your theme’s zip file.
  7. Click “Install Now.”
  8. Your theme is now installed. You may either preview the theme by clicking “Preview” or activate your theme by clicking “Activate.”

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