WordPress Themes – How, What and Where when researching new themes

As you can imagine my team is constantly looking for new WordPress themes for our clients. Whether our clients are creating a brand new site or looking for a fresh new look for their existing site, it is always time consuming to research a new theme.

Before researching new themes you might want to take some time and answer the following questions:

  • What’s your style? Simple? Classy? Fresh? Funky? Cartoony 🙂 ?
  • What are the needs of your target market?
    • Do they generally have poor eyesight? In this case stay away from dark backgrounds with light coloured fonts. Don’t worry about the font size, this can be customized in any theme.
    • Do they get distracted easily? My ADD Coaching friends tell me that their target market requires simple and fresh sites with just a handful of clicking options and minimal images. In this case you want the opposite of what a typical television news station site has going on!
  • Will you need a site that neatly displays videos? Then look for a site that features videos.
  • Are you a photographer? You’ll need a site that shows off your creative work. A clean simple theme would be ideal to show off your colourful and detailed images.
  • Are you a retailer, spa or salon? Then I suggest choosing a theme that will show off images of your store, spa or salon. Those researching spas tend to look for a spa that is clean and zen-like. So you’ll want to convey that on your site by featuring photos of spa.

Below are my go to sites for new themes. (They are linked with my affiliate links. I will receive a $10-$30 commission if you buy one.)

When you begin researching themes be sure to click on “live preview” or “demo” to see the theme in action. It’s so much better than looking at screenshots.

  • Solostream – I love their themes. At first look the themes might seem like “TOO MUCH” however you can remove pieces from the theme when you use it, such as advertisements, some of the widgets in the footer and sidebar.
    Their themes tend to have a nice clean white background which I think is easy on the eyes.
    I’m using the WP-Glide theme on www.WPBlogsites.com. I’ve removed some pieces and customized the colours.
  • iThemes – iThemes offers over 100 themes and in a variety of colours. You’ll find everything from business themes to wedding themes to photographer themes to themes created for e-commerce.
  • ElegantThemes – I’ve recently fell in love with ElegantThemes as their themes are clean, simple and fresh. They are perfect if you are looking to remove the “fluff” and only put the “necessities” on your site. I call this “blog detoxing”. 🙂
  • ThemeForest – Their themes are really cool too. You’ll find a great variety there. Their themes average $35 each. Just be sure you are researching WordPress themes as they also offer templates for other platforms.

So there you have it! What to consider before researching a new WordPress theme, what to do when researching a theme and my favourite places to research new themes and why! Enjoy!

If you have any questions be sure to ask me in the comments below.

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