Choosing WordPress For Fun & Profit

If you have been reluctant to invest in a new website because you fear it will be a major expense and lots of hassle, WordPress is made for you. To small businesses faced with the choice of using a generic-looking template with little functionality or working with a design firm that charged thousands, WordPress software offers an appealing alternative that has changed the website game.

My Journey As A WordPress Evangelist

In 2008, I started spreading the work about this great software in my book “Does This Blogsite Make My Wallet Look Fat?” Now, as I have just released the third edition, 1000’s of entrepreneurs have embraced it. Here’s why it has become so popular:

There are many advantages to using WordPress to create blogsites:

  • WordPress is free to use

  • Help from a designer is optional – WordPress offers 1000s of free blogsite designs (known as “themes”)

  • Your blogsite is easy to update (no Computer Science degree required)

  • Your blogsite is optimized for search engines like Google and Yahoo, right out of the box. No extra fiddling required (but if you do fiddle a bit you’ll get even greater results!)

  • You can update your blogsite from any computer (PC or Mac) or any mobile device with Internet access.

  • You can update your blogsite from any computer (PC or Mac) or any mobile device with Internet access.

  • You can add new blog posts online from a simple control panel, from anywhere on the Internet by sending an email OR even from your mobile device! (How cool is that?! Imagine adding a new blog post while lounging on the beach in Fiji!)

  • You can delete any post or page whenever you like (you know, in case you make a mistake or change your mind).

  • You can password-protect pages for clients or other special users to access only.

  • You can add accessories (known as “plugins”) to spice up your blog (e.g., membership sites, e-commerce, polls, “email to a friend,” statistics, sitemaps, book recommendations from Amazon, etc.). The list is virtually endless.


How WordPress Can Pay Off For You

WordPress puts the control of your site in your hands. Even if you hire some design help, you are talking about small fees, not large ones, in return for a site you or your assistant can manage. The real benefit is the site you create does what you wanted your website to do all along: make you money.

In my next series of blogs, all pulled from my book, I will show you the basics of this great software that can help you monetize your inner entrepreneur.


Want to get a head start on the process? Buy the book now! Just click here for all the details and start fattening up your own wallet.Does This Blogsite Make My Wallet Look Fat? Sandra De Freitas

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