Do You Speak WordPress?

If you’re familiar with the concepts of blogs and websites, the term “blogsite” may still be in new to you. That’s what you call a WordPress website that can also be used as a blog. Complete with all you know and love about a website – things like pages titled “About Us,” “Services,” “Contact Us” – a blog site is a mix of some pages that stay pretty much the same and some with continually changing content. What you can easily change any page in your site, the homepage and the others mentioned are ones that are frequently “static.” Your blog page is one where your content may change regularly.

WordPress makes this distinction by calling static content “pages,” and changing content “posts.” Just like in any other type of website, you have the chance to introduce yourself and tell them a bit about your products or services without corded to all the specifics you might in a blog post.

What To Include On Your Blogsite

Writing the copy for your blogsite is probably the hardest job in creating your blogsite. Many of us get stuck at this point because it’s often the first time we’ve sat down to define or redefine who we are, what our business is all about, who we serve and what we offer.

Robert Middleton’s Website Toolkit (now part of his Marketing Club is the best tool I have found to help you decide what will go on your blogsite. In it, he helps you define your business, write your web copy and design your blogsite in a way that will make your visitors feel like you are guiding them through your site from page to page, transforming them from curious visitors to raving fans to paying clients.

Setting Up Your Home Page

In a WordPress blogsite, your Home page is known as the Front Page. By default, WordPress works as a blog. And that means your Front Page is set up to display a list of blog posts, with the most recent one at the top.

Since we’re using WordPress to create a blogsite, we’re going to do things a little differently. We’ll be choosing a static page as your Front Page – one that you may call “Welcome,” “Home” or anything else that you choose.

Creating this welcoming static page is a strategy that has been proven to keep new visitors on your site, since you’ll write content there that tells them they are in the right place. A Front Page that displays your latest blog post can confuse new visitors and leave them wondering if this site is for them. Make it easy on them and create a dedicated Welcome page.Does This Blogsite

So let’s start by creating that page. I’ll show you how to make this new page your Front Page in my next blog.

Watch my blog for more tips about creating static pages and additional one with changing content with WordPress, or better yet, buy my book. Just click here, and within minutes you can have an electronic copy in hand or a print copy on the way.

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