Does My Blogsite Look Pretty?

You want your website to be a high functioning, traffic grabbing money machine, but how the site looks is the first thing people see. No matter how much SEO bait you build into it, a site that looks dry and boring may be misjudged. Ditto, if it is hard to navigate. Most Internet users are so besieged with information that they may pass over your site if it doesn’t grab their interest. Of course, if your site is about advanced concepts in nuclear physics, your visitor might care less about the glitz and website appearance. However, most people looking for a pair of shoes or a good coach don’t want to have to try hard to like a website.

With A WordPress Site, Looking Good Is Easy.

Do you want your blogsite to look good? Well, of course you do! You want just the right colors, graphics and menu bar layout, right? And you want this at an affordable price, too, yes? Of course you do.

Here’s some great news! Thousands of designers have created WordPress designs, known in the WordPress world as “themes.” These themes include layout, design, graphics and functionality, with no graphic designer or webmaster required.

There are thousands of these themes available on the web for free. Yes, I said free. There are also some themes that are more complex and feature- rich that can be purchased. You may also have a one-of-a-kind WordPress theme customized for you. Feel free to contact us for a customized theme

Free Themes For An Appealing Website Appearance

So where can you get one of these free themes?  The most popular place is the WordPress Free Themes Directory at, where you can either view the featured themes or search for a theme.

But wait! Before you go there, note that WordPress has now added an option to search, preview and install these free themes right from your WordPress account. This makes your job of finding and installing a theme so much easier!

How to search for and install a theme from WordPress:

  1. Log into WordPress.
  2. Click “Appearance” on the left menu bar.
  3. Click “Themes” in the sub menu.
  4. Click “Add new”.
  5. Enter a key word or words such as “corporate simple” for a simple and professional theme, in the search box provided.
  6. Go through the options in the “Feature Filter” section and check off the features that interest you. See my notes below about the key features for you to review.
  7. Click “Find Themes.” For each theme that matches your query, you’ll see a small thumbnail image, the name of the theme, an install link, a preview link and a short description.
  8. When you see one you like, click on the thumbnail image or the “Preview” link to get a demonstration of the theme. Make sure you like where the menu bar is located. That’s where your visitors will click to visit your blogsite’s static pages (e.g., “Home,” “About,” and “Services”).
  9. When you find the theme of your dreams, click “Install.”
  10. In the new window that appears, click “Install Now.”
  11. The theme is now installed but it needs to be activated. Click the “Activate” link to complete the installation.

Are All Themes Created Equal?

With a virtually unlimited supply of themes in the WordPress universe, are all created equal? The short answer is “no!” As we’ll see in our next blog post, some themes are more user-friendly to you as a designer, while others are more appealing to users. Website appearance is about more than color in its overall attractiveness and appeal.3rdCover_SalesSheet_cover_pams

Watch my blog for more information about building your business with WordPress, or better yet, buy my book. Just click here, and within minutes you can have an electronic copy in hand or a print copy on the way.

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  1. i am right in the middle of this upgrade myself, so could relate to everything you wrote here. WordPress really has made things so much simpler. I am looking forward to my finished product

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