What’s New in WordPress 3.6

WordPress 3.6 is out and it comes with 6 new and/or improved features. Most of the features are demonstrated in the video below.

(To be safe be sure to backup your site before you upgrade to WordPress 3.6. I recommend Backup Buddy.)

The six features are:

  1. Improved Autosave – WordPress will save a copy of the post or page you are working on every 15 seconds.
  2. Post Revisions – When editing an existing post or page, WordPress will let you know if unsaved changes were made previously. You then have the option to review them and choose which revision you want to keep. Think of this as your WordPress safety net!
  3. Modal Login – Ever get logged out of WordPress when you were working on a post or page for a long time? Chances are you lost some of your hard work as when you logged back in, that work was no where to be found. In comes “Modal Login”. When you are prompted to logged in again a “modal login” screen will popup, and once you login, the screen will disappear and you will be back to work on your post or page without missing any of your work.
  4. Post Locking for Multi-Author Sites – If you have multiple administrators or multiple authors on your WordPress site you may have noticed that you both are trying to edit the same post or page. Previously you would see a warning on the top of your screen that someone else is editing this item already. Now,  you won’t be able to edit that post or page one bit, as you will be locked out. This is fantastic as many people were losing their edits.
  5. Improved Menu Customization – Creating menus in WordPress just got more exciting……did I just say exciting? I should say “easier”. If you do not have a menu created yet it will create one for you (be sure to customize it to your liking). You also have the option of making all new pages you create show up on your menu bar, just be careful with this option. You’ll see why in my video below.
  6. 2013 The New WordPress Theme – The 2013 WordPress theme is now available in WordPress 3.6. It is a responsive theme with many features and lots of customization settings. If you are looking for a basic theme that works on all smart devices this theme is for you. I just ask that you add your own banner and brand it as many people will be tempted to use it and you want to stick out!

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