WordPress 4.6: Faster and Less broken links

wordpress-logo-notext-rgbWordPress is expected to release WordPress 4.6 on August 16, 2016. While it includes a lot of technical changes that only programmers can understand an appreciate, I won’t be mentioning them here. As an entrepreneur who wants to be excused from the Geek Speak, I bet you are happy! I will be focusing on the elements that will improve your WordPress experience.

Fonts changes to make the Admin faster

The fonts used in the Admin area (your WordPress dashboard) changed in WordPress 3.8 to include a font from “Google Fonts”. This meant the font needed to be loaded from Google each time you went into your dashboard, and this slowed the speed at which your dashboard loaded. (Yes this is a bit techie but bear with me.) Now the font has been changed so that it doesn’t have to be loaded from a different site and this will quicken things up for you.


When you are writing a blog post or page WordPress is saving backups, called “autosaves”. As it is now, these autosaves sometimes fail and it is not detected. In WordPress 4.6 you will be notified when there is a newer autosave available. This will lead to less or no lost information. All that typing and formatting you did won’t be lost!

No more broken links

This is my favourite feature of WordPress 4.6!
When you add a link to your posts or pages, WordPress will verify the link when you press enter or click “apply”. No more bad “copy and paste” jobs or accidental typos that lead your readers to error pages! D’oh!
Note: You must be in the “visual” tab not the “Text (HTML)” tab.
WP 4.6 link

If the link exists you will see this:
WP 4.6 good link

If the link doesn’t exist you will see your link in red and a red box around the text you are trying to link, like this:
WP 4.6 bad link

Quick on the spot updates

WordPress 4.6 will also include the features of the plugin “Shiny Updates”. This plugin allows you to install and update plugins and themes on the spot, as opposed to being redirected to another page or having a pop-up appear. It’s quicker and simpler.
Here’s an example of what the Plugins -> Add New page looks like when you click to install a new plugin. Notice that I am installing it while on the search results page. I wasn’t redirected to a boring installation page detailing the steps of the installation.
WP 4.6 plugin install

Updating to WordPress 4.6

WordPress 4.6 won’t be released until August 16, 2016 or later. When it is released wait a few days before updating your own WordPress sites. We do this for our own sites and our clients’ sites for two reasons. One we want to be very sure that there are no bugs, and although WordPress’ team are constantly testing you can never test every combination of WordPress versions, plugins, themes and even hosts. Two if there happens to be a bug or *gasp* a security issue, we wait until the secured release is available (you can look out for WordPress 4.6.1).

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Which new feature are you happiest to see?

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