What’s the difference between a WordPress.com blog and a WordPress.org website??

Dear Sandra,

What’s the difference between a WordPress.com blog and a WordPress.org website??
Do I really NEED a .org website, along with hosting & all that other stuff? (I’m relatively new to all this techy business)

I want to have an online business where I sell creative stuff like info products & e-courses/books & all kinds of fun online things…can I do that with just a blogsite?

Leila Khani

Dear Leila,

Excellent question.

WordPress.com is for free personal blogs.
WordPress.org is where you can download WordPress and install it on your own .com

You do not want to put a business blog on wordpress.com as 1) it’s illegal 2) they disable functions on wordpress.com like adding html code for forms ie. email marketing and registrations, in widgets and 3) if they find out you are creating a business and making money while they pay for your hosting they will shut you down.

So you will want:
1) a .com or other domain name – Godaddy sells them for about $10 a year

2) Hosting – think of this as a storage facility for your site. It’s where all the files that make up your site will sit ie. images, files, coding etc. I suggest liquidweb’s standard webhosting package or Bluehost’s professional webs hosting

3) Have wordpress installed

Now you can sell any of the items you mentioned on a blogsite! You can use any shopping cart you’d like or even the WP eStore plugin which will securely deliver digital products for you.

Let me know if you have any other questions. My company does support entrepreneurs by setting up blogsites, ecommerce, formatting ebooks and a ton more! So let me know if you need any help.

Have a great day and enjoy your new blogsite,

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